Chauvet Hurricane 1000

Image of Chauvet Hurricane 1000
Hurricane 1000 is a lightweight and compact fog machine combining dense fog output and portability. It can be operated from a distance using either the included wired or wireless remote. Aft...
£79 .00
From £2.56 a month*

Chauvet Hurricane 1200

Image of Chauvet Hurricane 1200
Hurricane 1200 is a powerful and portable fog machine that brings any light show to life with a thick fog output. The included timer remote controls the output of fog for precise a precise p...
£99 .00
From £3.21 a month*

Chauvet Hurricane 1600

Image of Chauvet Hurricane 1600
The Hurricane 1600 is a compact, lightweight high output fog machine that with DMX control to enhance any light show. Variable output control from DMX or the included timer remote allows for...
£160 .00
From £5.19 a month*

Marq Haze 800 DMX

Image of Marq Haze 800 DMX
The Haze 800 DMX delivers haze effects custom-tailored to your exact requirements. DMX functions give you advanced programming options and complete control over every aspect of the unit’s pe...
£179 .00
From £5.81 a month*

Chauvet Hurricane 1800 Flex

Image of Chauvet Hurricane 1800 Flex
Hurricane 1800 Flex offers DMX control with adjustable 180-degrees angles. A wired timer remote (FC-T) is a standard feature; a wireless remote (FC-W) is also available. This water-based fog...
£288 .00
From £9.35 a month*

Chauvet Hurricane Haze 3D

Image of Chauvet Hurricane Haze 3D
Hurricane Haze 3D is a water-based haze machine with a 2.5-liter (0.7 gallon) tank and takes only four minutes to heat up to create a subtle atmosphere, enhancing any light show. It features...
£349 .00
From £11.33 a month*

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