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DJ Equipment Stands

Citronic Microphone Pop Screen

Image of Citronic Microphone Pop Screen
Round pop screens for use with studio microphones. Attaches to a mic stand by a flexible neck and is adjustable for optimum positioning.
£12 .99
From £0.42 a month*

SoundLAB Laptop Stand

Image of SoundLAB Laptop Stand
This portable, height adjustable, flat Laptop stand is designed to sit on a desk or table. Ideal for DJs or Musicians, it will safely hold laptops as well as some mixers, effects units or li...
£19 .99
From £0.65 a month*

Chord Boom Microphone Stand

Image of Chord Boom Microphone Stand
Heavy duty microphone stand with adjustable boom, ergonomic height grip and foldable tripod base.
£19 .99
From £0.65 a month*

Chord Stackable Microphone Stand

Image of Chord Stackable Microphone Stand
Straight microphone stand with cast iron base. Stackable in fives.
£19 .99
From £0.65 a month*

QTX Air Dampened Speaker Stand

Image of QTX Air Dampened Speaker Stand
A heavy duty stand in black steel with locking height adjustment, up to 2m and can safely hold a speaker up to 45kg. The safety air pressure system prevents a sudden drop when removing the l...
£29 .99
From £0.97 a month*

QTX Speaker Stand Kit With Bag

Image of QTX Speaker Stand Kit With Bag
A pair of robust steel stands with lockable height adjustment. Can support large speakers with 35mm top hats. Supplied with a heavy duty carry bag.
£59 .99
From £1.95 a month*

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