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DJ Equipment Stands

Chord Boom Microphone Stand

Image of Chord Boom Microphone Stand
Heavy duty microphone stand with adjustable boom, ergonomic height grip and foldable tripod base.
£19 .99
From £1.50 a month*

Chord Stackable Microphone Stand

Image of Chord Stackable Microphone Stand
Straight microphone stand with cast iron base. Stackable in fives.
£19 .99
From £1.50 a month*

SoundLAB Laptop Stand

Image of SoundLAB Laptop Stand
This portable, height adjustable laptop stand is designed to sit on a desk or table. Ideal for DJs or Musicians, it will safely hold laptops as well as some mixers, effects units or lighting...
£20 .00
From £1.50 a month*

AVSL Studio Monitor Speaker Stand

Image of AVSL Studio Monitor Speaker Stand
This height adjustable universal speaker stand is suitable for loudspeakers up to 35 kg. The triangular base is made from heavy duty square section steel tube with adjustable feet to keep it...
£27 .95
From £2.10 a month*

Thor Adjustable Monitor Stands

Image of Thor Adjustable Monitor Stands
These Thor studio monitor stands have adjustable angle top plates mounted to a sturdy base. Built from heavy duty materials with height adjustable up to 380mm /15 inches they are great for d...
£32 .99
From £2.47 a month*

Citronic Lightweight Aluminium Speaker Stand

Image of Citronic Lightweight Aluminium Speaker Stand
This aluminium stand from Citronic has 5 level lockable height adjustments between 1.00m and 1.92m. It holds speaker cabinets with a weight of up to 50kg and a standard 35mm tophat.
£34 .99
From £2.62 a month*

Chord Drum Throne

Image of Chord Drum Throne
Adjustable padded seat for drummer or other musicians.
£44 .95
From £3.37 a month*

QTX Speaker Stand Kit With Bag

Image of QTX Speaker Stand Kit With Bag
A pair of robust steel stands with lockable height adjustment. Can support large speakers with 35mm top hats. Supplied with a heavy duty carry bag.
£59 .99
From £4.50 a month*

Showgear Foldable Laptop Stand

Image of Showgear Foldable Laptop Stand
This laptop stand is ideal for digital DJ’s. It is steady, lightweight and set-up is in only 2 steps. The feet can be placed under a mixer and your laptop is exactly where you need it to be....
£69 .00
From £5.18 a month*

QTX Heavy Duty Lighting Stand with T-bar

Image of QTX Heavy Duty Lighting Stand with T-bar
Heavy duty aluminium lighting stand with a heavy duty foldable tripod and robust height adjustment clamps.
£79 .00
From £5.92 a month*

Pioneer DJ DJCSTS1 Professional DJ stand

Image of Pioneer DJ DJCSTS1 Professional DJ stand
Improve on your comfort in the booth by using a sturdy DJ stand that’s ideal for holding the DDJ-XP1, TORAIZ SP-16, RMX-1000, or a laptop at just the right height during performances.
£109 .00
From £8.18 a month*

Showgear Media Player Stand

Image of Showgear Media Player Stand
This stand is designed for a table top media player that fits the plate size 370x320 mm, such as the Pioneer DJ XDJ-1000MK2, XDJ-700 and Denon DJ LC6000. The base is a heavy 5 mm steel plate...
£139 .00
From £10.42 a month*

ZZIPP Foldable DJ Console

Image of ZZIPP Foldable DJ Console
The ZZDJTAB100 comes with a black and a white lycra cover giving you the option to choose your style. It folds down in seconds, without the need for tools, so is easy to transport or store m...
£229 .00
From £17.18 a month*

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