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Numark M101

Image of Numark M101
M101 is a highly adaptable two-channel mixer for DJs. M101 lets mobile DJs get up and running quickly regardless of what gear you bring to the gig. Whether for weddings, parties, clubs and e...
£79 .00
From £2.56 a month*

Numark M4

Image of Numark M4
M4 is a three-channel tabletop mixer designed for any DJ who needs maximum flexibility. It features a replaceable crossfader with reverse and slope controls, a 1/4” microphone input with EQ,...
£109 .00
From £3.54 a month*

Numark M6 USB

Image of Numark M6 USB
M6 enables you to step up to a four-channel mixer. This club-style design not only works with any standard audio sources including turntables and CD players, but it also has a USB computer c...
£164 .00
From £5.32 a month*

Akai AMX

Image of Akai AMX
Put hands-on control at the center of your Serato DJ setup with AMX, a versatile 2-channel mixing surface from Akai Professional. A powerful controller for any performer, AMX controls 2 deck...
£199 .00
From £6.46 a month*

Pioneer DJM250 Mk2

Image of Pioneer DJM250 Mk2
The DJM-250MK2 has inherited some of the professional features of the popular DJM-900NXS2, such as the Magvel crossfader and Sound Color FX filter. Straightforward controls, a clear layout, ...
£299 .00
From £9.70 a month*

Pioneer DJM250 Mk2 & Vinyl Package

Image of Pioneer DJM250 Mk2 & Vinyl Package
1 x Pioneer DJM250 Mk2
2 x Pioneer RB VS1 K
£319 .00
From £10.35 a month*

Pioneer DJM350

Image of Pioneer DJM350
Offering something completely new and unique at this price point, the DJM-350 enables the DJ to capture every last nuance of their performance to high quality recording on USB. There’s no ne...
£469 .00
From £15.22 a month*

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2

Image of Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2
The perfect fusion of top-of-the-line DJ mixer, highly intuitive TRAKTOR controller, and premium audio interface. Delivers pristine 24-bit sound and an instantly familiar layout in a rock-so...
£469 .00
From £15.22 a month*

Pioneer DJM450

Image of Pioneer DJM450
NOW IN STOCK With features and design inherited from the DJM-900NXS2, this 2-channel mixer is ideal to partner with any of our multiplayers or turntables. The Magvel fader combined with s...
£599 .00
From £19.44 a month*

Pioneer DJM450 & Vinyl Package

Image of Pioneer DJM450 & Vinyl Package
1 x Pioneer DJM450
2 x Pioneer RB VS1 K
£619 .00
From £20.09 a month*

Pioneer DJM750K

Image of Pioneer DJM750K
The DJM-750 is loaded with features to inspire creativity. The new Boost Colour FX adds a second effect to the Sound Colour FX in play, and lets DJs control the parameters of both FX with ju...
£869 .00
From £28.20 a month*

Pioneer DJM850K

Image of Pioneer DJM850K
The DJM-850 is primed and ready for plug and play, with preconfigured, studio-quality effects accessible at the touch of a button. The mixer rivals software’s creative possibilities liberati...
£1299 .00
From £42.16 a month*

Denon X1800 Prime

Image of Denon X1800 Prime
FIRST SHIPMENT DUE IN 7 DAYS. The very centrepiece of the Denon DJ ‘Prime Series’ of products, the X1800 is a 4-Channel Pro DJ club mixer, familiar in layout but with new and exciting fea...
£1449 .00
From £47.03 a month*

Pioneer DJMS9

Image of Pioneer DJMS9
Finally the wait is over, Pioneer have dropped yet another game changer, the Serato owning DJM-S9 two channel battle mixer. Featuring dual usb interfaces for back to backs or heated battl...
£1459 .00
From £47.35 a month*

Pioneer DJMS9 & DJC-S9 Package

Image of Pioneer DJMS9 & DJC-S9 Package
1 x Pioneer DJMS9
1 x Pioneer DJC-S9 Bag
£1479 .00
From £48.00 a month*


Image of Rane TTM57 MKII
The TTM57mkII stays true to its original design by supporting familiar workflow while improving performance and software integration. Updated software controls include silicone RGB backlit p...
£1679 .00
From £54.49 a month*

Rane Sixty Two

Image of Rane Sixty Two
Rane and Serato are proud to be supporting partners with the Rane Sixty-Two Mixer. For more than a decade, artists have chosen innovative Rane instruments to advance their art and three gene...
£1899 .00
From £61.63 a month*

Rane MP2014

Image of Rane MP2014
Successful artists demand purity—purity of sound most importantly, but also the purity of style, controls, movement, and art. Rane’s answer to this demand is the MP2014 two-channel rotary mi...
£1929 .00
From £62.61 a month*

Pioneer DJM900 NXS2

Image of Pioneer DJM900 NXS2
The DJM-900NXS2 takes mixing to another level with Pioneer's first ever 64-bit mixing processor for a more natural, warm and detailed sound. The controls are even more responsive, with a new...
£1959 .00
From £63.58 a month*

Pioneer DJM900 NXS2 & DJC-NXS2 Package

Image of Pioneer DJM900 NXS2 & DJC-NXS2 Package
1 x Pioneer DJM900 NXS2
1 x Pioneer DJC-NXS2 Bag
£1959 .00
From £63.58 a month*

Pioneer DJM2000 Nexus

Image of Pioneer DJM2000 Nexus
Building on the DNA of its predecessor, the industry standard DJM-2000, the DJM-2000nexus uses the ProDJ Link LAN connection to ensure a smooth link with up to four CDJ players or turntable...
£1989 .00
From £64.55 a month*

Rane Sixty Four

Image of Rane Sixty Four
You’ve mastered mixing and scratching on two channels. Pushing the limit is in your nature and it’s time to raise the bar. The Rane Sixty-Four mixer is the tool you need to step your game up...
£2099 .00
From £68.12 a month*

Rane MP2015

Image of Rane MP2015
The Rane MP2015 is a no-compromise music-mixing performance instrument. Control, sound, reliability and durability distinguish Rane’s new techno house club mixer for high-end audio systems.
£2699 .00
From £87.60 a month*

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